Coffee and Cloves: Making a Great Thing Greater

Just in Case Your Pick Me Up Needed a Pick Me Up

I’m on to you SF coffee. There’s something unique here and it’s a little… spicy? Yes!

My girlfriend, bless her, only drinks iced coffee. I might indulge in one of those, say, on a day when it’s over 100 degrees; however, even then I likely will stick with the hot brew. But time and time again, she’ll go to order an iced coffee and that’s when it gets complicated. The menu will feature something like a spice-iced coffee, which usually is a concentrate fueled with mysterious spices, perhaps with a sweetener, then cut with half-n-half and put over ice. Delicious. Decedent. Different – I love ’em! Typically I advocate for her to get one (instead of the standard iced Americano as a substitute) just so I can try it. So far I’ve tried these yummies at Blue Bottle, farm:table, and Hooker’s Sweet Treats. Sightglass has one too.

So of course I had to take this and put my d.i.y-stamp on it! Here it is:

Waiting for it

I make coffee at home pour-over style, otherwise known as the Melitta method. Not because I’m super partial to it, but because they’re harder to break than French presses. I’ve gone through those suckers like Kleenex. Pour over has many other benefits such as:

  • it’s therapeutic to slowly drip coffee depending on the pace of pour
  • the flavor tends to be a bit brighter and lighter than other home techniques (i.e. French press, Moka)

Once I rode the SF spice-coffee train, I decided to throw in a few cloves into the grounds prior to pouring over the water. You should too! It adds a whole new earthy kick. The bit of caution I’ll add is – a little goes a long way. Really, it doesn’t take much for the coffee to turn into clover water. Not to mention the myriad of other coffee-ground factors to consider (bean type, when it was ground, how it was ground).

Am I a solid-spice girl now? No way. I can mess with a pure thing only so much. The fine art of a pure cup of coffee deserves its spotlight… most of the time.

5 responses to “Coffee and Cloves: Making a Great Thing Greater

  1. great post. I love coffee. I work at peets, which for a chain, isnt TOO bad. Plus its a bay area chain, extra points. BUT I miss out on all the fun stuff blue bottle/ritual/four barrel get to do. Im totally trying this out, though. ……On a side note, I have also murdered my share of french presses until I bought a stainless steel one, they are sensitive little suckers.

    • You’re very right – Peet’s isn’t too bad ๐Ÿ™‚ Yo, how’d the price increase go recently? Anyone freak out? And a stainless steel French press… hmm… I gotta check into those.

  2. Alyssa, you work at Peet’s? Which one? (*rubbing hands while planning some stalking*)

  3. I made the clove coffee on the stove-top espresso machine. Clove oil is extracted with hot steam that passes through it. I think cloves is best in apple stew? but problem peeling apples takes up too much time.

    I read that clove oil can kill germs in the throat. remember strong clove tasste in the herbal lozenges that they used to sell.

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