Cold Fruit Obsession

They're better this way

This post is fairly self evident. I love me some cold fruit.

Not to mention I wanted to post something a little, well, lighter than the sandwich, cappuccino, noodle trend I was starting to create. Yes, it’s true, I very much eat and blog about all those beautiful things – however, the simpler things in life deserve some lime light too.

Cue my breakfast routine. For years, breakfast has meant a mug of coffee and a piece of fruit. The refrigerator is a relatively new addition to this relationship. A produce rule of thumb I typically live by, is if the grocery store does it – I should too. Does the grocery store put tomatoes in the fridge? No. Bananas? Nope. Mushrooms? Yes – you see my point. Apples (and oranges) exist outside this rule and wonderfully so. They are so much better cold! I tried this out a few weeks ago and can’t stop doing it. Sia nara tepid breakfast fruits.

3 responses to “Cold Fruit Obsession

  1. I agree with this. A week ago I had dropped my farmers market haul off at work and my apples ended up in the fridge… It was a delightful discovery the next day when my apple snack was soil cool and crisp.

  2. Well allow me to retort..I cannot consume cold fruit, it hurts my teeth. My gums are receding, like an old person, and it makes my teeth temp sensitive. But I fully support your love of cold fruit.

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