Bar Jules: Brunch Perfection

Bar Jules is the kind of place where it’s hard to be in a bad mood. They’ve done such a stellar job at creating a homey, simple, American/French bistro.

I’ve gone twice for weekend brunch and the experience was heavenly.

The space doesn’t have much but the essentials – a bar with a dozen stools looking into the kitchen, the chalkboard menu, and a handful of two-tops. Light pours in and illuminates the grass-colored main wall.

The menu changes, but always focuses on the local-fare. For lunch-brunch, there’s often a pork cutlet of some kind, a Marin Sun Farms burger, a fancier egg-dish you likely wouldn’t make at home (fried eggs with Becker Lane pork shoulder, creamy polenta and brussel sprouts) and holy-lord, that savory chicken sandwich with which I’m in love. It’s not giant, it’s not mini, it’s just right. Real roasted chicken with a few fresh vegetables (perhaps peppers, tomato, lettuce, depending on the season), and a delicious aioli between grilled wheat levain.

The coffee is Blue Bottle; however, they only have the standard offerings Рno iced coffee, no americano, no faux sweeteners.

Other items to note: of course it’s crowded, but thus far it hasn’t been obscenely so. Maybe the wait pushes the two hour limit around dinner, but we’ve gotten to sit down within 30 minutes; yet another simple joy.

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