Trouble Coffee: Pocket of Goodness

The timing of this post on Trouble Coffee is quite unique. I’m typing now amongst packed boxes and an empty apartment in the City’s Tenderloin (aka “TenderNob”) neighborhood. The boxes are on their way to the Sunset, as am I. My partner of 12 years called it quits which puts me out of our epically-giant one bedroom and into a cozy studio. And it just so happens that the studio is a few blocks away from Trouble. In fact, I just came from there moments ago.

Trouble? Like just about everything, has its strengths and weaknesses. For one, it’s a total coffee-diamond in the desert. The fact that you can get Ecco Caffè way out there is a reason enough to go, regardless of anything else. It IS adorable, inside and out. The DIY aesthetic is comfy and the enormous driftwood parklet out front is a lovely addition to the block. The snacks, are, too, delightful. They have whole coconuts! That they crack open then hand you a straw! And hunks of warm cinnamon toast. Not to mention a great array of baked goods like house-made chocolate banana bread, chocolate chip cookies from Goodie Goodie, and coconut bars.

Reading the Yelp! reviews on the place makes me expect nothing but ‘tude with my Americano requests. They’re riddled with ‘too-cool-for-school-hipster’ reviews; which, (sigh) comes with the territory, sadly. Luckily, I have yet to see much of it yet. Cheers to grumpy people with the good coffee goods.

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