Cheers to You, Sutro Tower





If this City hasn’t been dubbed the ‘City of Views’ by now, it should be. And I can take the credit.

They’re everywhere – hard to avoid, really. Even on my fairly-flat MUNI ride in and out of the Sunset, they pop up – little windows into perspective – allowing you, the viewer to look inside yourself a little more by absorbing the City scape around you.

And the Sutro Tower is one of our SF’s best. The radio tower ejects out of Twin Peaks, giving the residents a friendly iconic touchstone, often orientating yourself to the rest of the landscape. While living in the Tenderloin, I grew used to the view west, seeing its silhouette at sunset often. Now it it’s due east and I often see its top half engulfed in the Sunset’s romantic fog.

I have yet to actually touch the tower, one of my many to-dos to check off someday, but I have made my way up to Twin Peaks a few times. I recently rented a car and shuttled a best friend up there. Luckily the day was clear and the City sprawled out of the car’s windows just as I’d hoped.

Some of Many Neighborhood Hidden Stairs

When driving up there you can’t park – likely a good thing, since it’d just end up clogged with cars but it does mean you have to be a bit more savvy at planning your view stops.

If walking – there are a few bus routes that get you close enough (here’s Yelp‘s help for that) and you get to snake through the Upper Market/Noe neighborhood on the way down.

Overall, not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

And as a bonus, here are some lovely time-lapse videos celebrating the tower’s iconic beauty. Enjoy!

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  1. Beautifully written and inspiring!

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