McEvoy Ranch: Work Getaway Thankful

Let me begin with the obvious. Umm, wow; I haven’t posted a blog in s i x long (very long) months. Why the silence? It’s much too complicated to address at this time. But yes, she has a name. Perhaps at some point I’ll have the heart stamina to publish in some way shape and form the stories upon stories that have reminded me just how crippling love can be.

But until that point, I need to stick to something simple, something familiar, something I know I’m good at: appreciating the hell out of nature and the artisan food industry.

This entry highlights the magic of McEvoy Ranch, a 550-acre ranch of stunning countryside. The ranch’s main trade is producing top-tier olive products, ranging from extra-virgin olive oil to bath products. The estate also is home to some of the most jaw-dropping organic gardens, greenhouses, and villas I’ve come across. Oh, and, yah, that bright red piano in one of the meeting rooms? Was Elton John’s.

What on earth was I doing there this time yesterday? My beloved-employer, Chronicle Books, a community of people I grow to love more and more, is owned by the McEvoys, and thus, we had the lovely opportunity to have our work retreat there. The day was spent dreaming big, eating too many carbs, soaking up the pristine surroundings, and saying a lot of ‘wows.’

The take-away? While my personal life can surely get complicated at times, the serene beauty of the trees, paired with a re-newed commitment to do my job as best I can, are two simple truths I was meant to remember.


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  1. Well, as someone who loves the olive business, this was a nice reminder of how wonderful that darling little green drop can be appreciated in more ways than one…..a healing one at that.

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