Special Xtra: High Brow Coffee Alley

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Special Xtra is one of a few fine coffee pocket windows this City has. It’s not a pop-up; these things stick around. You can’t go inside; but it doesn’t have wheels either. I like them. Hayes Valley has two (Ritual and Blue Bottle), and Special Xtra has a brother counter on the other side of SoMa, Cento – although they just upgraded their spot a bit. You can walk IN to Cento, although don’t get too cozy; they’re no chairs.

Special Xtra has the bare bones – good Blue Bottle pour over, excellent cold-press coffee, a mean espresso machine (La Marzocco – standard top-quality) and a few cookies from Goodie Goodie. That’s all folks. No flavors. No blenders. No cash accepted. And good luck giving someone directions there if they’re directionally challenged.

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