galette 88: FiDi Cute Crepe Lunch

Four Barrel and applesSimple MessageOutside
galette 88 gets easily classified into the category of, I went there once, I likely never will again, but I liked it enough to blog about.

galette 88 Pros and LowsIt’s only open for a tight lunch shift Monday-Friday in the Financial District and I don’t work there. So, yeah, my crepes and coffee were a distant memory. Nonetheless, if I had the option to lunch there, I would. Often. It’s a lovely cafe with monster windows, Aspen tree trunks, giant benches and top-notch buckwheat crepes of all varieties. Put a mixed green salad and a mug of Four Barrel next to me and you’ve got me nailed. Consider that as close to cafe bliss as you can get. They also rent out their space, which makes excellence sense. The kitchen could handle a pop-up, not to mention the capacity is generous for City size.

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