Sweet Woodruff: Neighborhood Cafe Perfected

Salad FTWOutsideLolvey Florals
Oh, I miss Sweet Woodruff and I only went once; is that possible? It’s such a charming spot. Perfect for solo, urban dining, for lunch, brunch (weekends) or dinner. The food is top-shelf quality, the people are sweet, the space is small but not a closet and you’re not going to drop half your pay check there. I’d LOVE to go for brunch but can only comment on the dinner. Sweet Woodruff Pros and LowsIt opened right as I was leaving the neighborhood and even though I was broke as ever, heartbroken as could be, I knew it would soften me slightly to go. I had a divine, seasonal little gem salad and lamb stew. I probably got one of their cookies although I have no photo evidence to prove it. If you can – do go, but don’t go with a vegetarian or more than one other. And if you make brunch, brag about it to me so I can live vicariously through it.

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