Drip’d Coffee: Sunset’s Best Coffee Bar

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Drip’d Coffee is a Sunset blessing. The Inner Sunset headquarters, aka, 9th Avenue and Irving Street definitely has coffee options – Starbucks, the Beanery, Martha & Brothers; however until Drip’d opened, there wasn’t a coffee house/cafe that had really good beans (sorry Beanery, I’m just not a fan. I’ve tried your coffee a lot. Same with Martha & Brothers). Nopalito does pour-over from Blue Bottle and Park Chow’s beans are local and delicious (Thanksgiving Coffee, and I’ve gone there a few times just for a cup to-go) but both those options are bit cumbersome if you just want coffee to-go.

Drip'd Coffee Pros and LowsDrip’d does have its challenges – there aren’t any chairs (huge bummer) and it’s inside another retail space that’s a bit unique.You have to walk through a bulk-hygiene product retailer to get to their little counter. How on earth a business survives by offering bulk soap and lotion alone baffles me, but I’m happy to walk through it to get an awesome cup of pour-over Sightglass if I’m around! The guys who own it are super nice and organic Straus Milk only adds to the quality of it all.

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