Oh, Hi Beautiful Bolinas

I’m attached. There. I said it. And sometimes it happens faster and easier than others. This time, my love is a beach town, population 1,600 (although that number feels like an over estimate of about 1,200).

One of my favorite people took me there (hi, Jen!) for the first time a year or so ago. We’ve gone surfing a few times since, and its simplicity and beauty are a cure-all for many ills. Are there good waves? Not really. Is it warm? Nope. Is the beach pretty? Sure, but pretty rocky. What about food/drink/lodging? Not much of that here either. It’s a tiny beach town. There’s a post office, a hardware store, a natural foods store and the ‘fancy restaurant.’ I think there’s a bar, but last we went, I recall the owners changing hands. The most important place to the appropriate Bolinas experience is 2 Mile Surf Shop. You can get in and out with a board, boots, wetsuit in about 20 minutes for $50. Not too high of a ticket price for an afternoon in the ocean amongst the Northern California landscape. And being about 90 minutes from my front door, the travel cost is super do-able on a City girl like me.

And many afternoons being on a board in the Pacific Ocean is all you need to remember how beautiful life can be, no matter what problems may be waiting for you back on the land.

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