Cafe St. Jorge: Nicest in the Mission

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First off, yay, Cafe St. Jorge has Stumptown Coffee! A beloved Portland (and New York and Los Angeles) favorite. That’s definitely what tipped me off to this place being legit.

Cafe St. Jorge Pros and LowsNow the other great features of this place:
The food is excellent cafe fare; definitely a great breakfast or lunch option. They’re dubbed ‘Portuguese’ food, although, the menu seems pretty straight-forward American-cafe. I say that knowing full well someone who has actually been to Portugal could call me out. Whatever you call it, I’d love to try nearly everything on their list. I had an awesome smoothie, veggie bagel and my partner had a nice quiche.

Speaking of nice, the staff? Was so nice! Sure, I went there when they were less than a month old; however, it’s hard to imagine any of the girls I dealt with could be rude.

Why not to go there? Do laptoppers or families of 10+ annoy you? The place is pretty big and has free WiFi so both contingents were strongly represented. They have a ‘kids corner’ with toys so obviously market themselves as family friendly and wow, did that memo get out. During my brief 30 minute visit, there were four strollers and I think two separate a family reunions of a dozen each. They took up 90 percent of the seats. When a laptopper walked in the door after them, she promptly turned around and left. I don’t blame her. It’s easy to see both sides of this often urban problem. You need somewhere to go – the group, the lone lady, whoever you are. It’s nice when City businesses realize this and pick a more narrow demographic. I’ve said it before, and I will again. If you do just about anything well in this town, they’ll come. You don’t need to be everything to everyone and Cafe St. Jorge, I think is trying to do that. Perhaps that was just that one Sunday morning. I’d love to go back and hope to again soon.

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