CoffeeShop: A Mission Mini Favorite

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The day I first stopped into CoffeeShop was magical. It was a bright Sunday afternoon. I was mildly hungover from the night prior, but not a sad-hungover, a happy one. My girlfriend and I were in the early stages of dating, meaning Saturday night involved a lot of cocktails – so many in fact, I lost my house-keys and her fancy car key. The hangover/honeymoon-bliss kept the panic at bay, instead I had the simple approach;

Might as well retrace my steps and see if I can find these keys…

And I did! When the hell does that ever happen? When the nice elderly owner of the now closed bar, Naps, finds them and saves them. Yes, that old-school dive on Mission St. that is now hipstered out as Virgil’s was once Naps and the owner was the nicest guy, who also happened to save me a fortune in key-replacement costs. After that epic win, my attention was pulled across the street to the adorable jazz band playing outside a newly opened coffee shop – yes, this CoffeeShop. I couldn’t help but to cross the street, get a cappuccino and enjoy the tiny fraction of peace life handed to me.
CoffeeShop Pros and Lows
I’ve been back to CoffeeShop a handful of times since and have learned that the ice-coffee is superb (they make it cold brew and feature coffee ice-cubes), the owner is also very nice, the baked goods are delicious and come from a friend of his in the neighborhood and so does the coffee (Ubuntu from Emeryville).

This place is miniature – like so many of them in the City – but a great option for the neighborhood. Will definitely be back when I can.

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