Linea Caffe: Espresso, Waffles, Salads, Trend

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Linea Caffe Pros and LowsThere’s a lot that can be said for this little corner cafe. Linea Caffe has stars studded all over the place. An award-winning barista leading its own coffee label, mouth-watering Belgian-style waffles (which are the new cupcake unless you missed that memo), rockin’ salads, Heath Ceramics, almond milk, Square, a prime-time location (18th St./Mission), not to mention beloved local illustrator Wendy Macnaughton as their web designer. The space has a minimal design and zero tables – again – the urban cafe standard. If this place isn’t screaming ‘on-trend,’ I’m clueless as to what would. Just to complete the ‘new Mission normal experience’ I overheard a young boy-girl couple talk Google-office talk. They obviously worked there.

If you’d rather avoid the highly-paid tech-employed and want to sit down, skip it. If delicious waffles, espresso, and salads in a polished standing-room only cafe space are what you’re after, this place is a home-run.

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