Workshop Cafe: Laptop Coffee Done Right in FiDi


Workshop Cafe Pros and LowsFull disclosure: I haven’t spent a ton of time at the Workshop Cafe, although I could easily imagine doing so. For the first time, probably in any cafe, in any city, I can say they blend the best of both ‘co-working’ and coffee-shop worlds. They ace the essential details. Outlets, yes, of course; clean space, check; good hours, yep; strong signal, yep yep; and they have stellar coffee (Stumptown) pour-over. Big yay. Then they go the extra ten miles by offering printing, scanning and even will run errands for you if asked (surely you’d pay for those ‘concierge’ services).

They have a pretty advanced system to get you logged on. Perhaps someday I’ll take advantage of such a great idea but for now I’m happy to have some Stumptown to-go (super handy self-serve station outside, too).

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