Cassava: Outer Richmond’s Cafe Gem

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Cassava Pros and LowsCassava is the most adorable little gem on Outer Balboa St. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner by reservation. I’ve been a handful of times for their breakfast/lunch service and would love to see what they do for dinner; however, I wonder, Would I feel like I’m having dinner in a coffee shop? It’s such a romantic little space, and the food/drink is delicious – I’m sure with the right company I could let that pre-conceived idea go. I admire (and want to support) when businesses try to diversify their menus and try earning more cred. for being something other than their original idea. Like when a bar starts doing brunch – why not? Yet again, I can’t say I’ve ever crossed that line… does Hog & Rocks count? I’ve been their for brunch (fabulous) but that’s not really a bar per se…

Cassava has Ritual and stellar sandwiches with little side salads. Will definitely be back – for dinner? Maybe! But coffee, absolutely.

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