The Mill: Carb Coffee Heaven and Hell in NoPa

Please excuse regularly scheduled programing for some pseudo-soap-box themed dialog.

Not news: Coffee, and the foodie movement overall, isn’t new anymore. Artisan, third-wave, yada yada, yeah – it’s happened. But it’s not going away either.

I’ll admit my little coffee – food – thought blog here has gone through some serious doubts. Really? I’m still doing this? Dear, God, Why?! There are so many reasons not to:

    it’s boring: please see intro. paragraph. Fancy coffee isn’t wow-worthy like it once was.
    it supports a perspective that’s easy to hate: as this City, and world, become more and more economically divided, it’s becoming more and more difficult to enjoy anything except breathing without shouldering guilt no matter what’s in your bank account.
    I shouldn’t be eating cookies: seriously. I have a problem.
    I need to be doing other things: like burning the calories from my cookie. And making the world a better place. And doing my taxes.

Right. So. Uhm. Why again? My navel-gazing insight into why I still care while attempting to be conscientious.
The Mill Pros & Lows
Fancy coffee is still happening: when was the last time you heard a cafe closing due to not making their bottom-line work? It’s rare. I can think of one in the last five years I’ve been here (Brown Owl Coffee) and some of them are behind the new spot in the Castro (Hearth Coffee). The business makes sense because, I hate to say it, it works. Fancy coffee works here and just about everywhere else in America. You don’t need an i.d., you don’t need to get drunk, you don’t need to know anyone, you need $4 to sit down and chillax outside of your office – home – and often taxing life. Who can argue that? Which is what brings me to The Mill.

You go there to have $4 toast with homemade jam spread to its borders. And a hot cup of Four Barrel coffee. And enjoy it.

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