Love Big, Forgive Always, Do Good, Don’t Be an Asshole


That? Was one of the many take-aways from today’s church, brought to you by the one and only Seane Corn.

I had the honor of attending her workshop, an Off the Mat Into the World endeavor. I came across a Seane Corn video by accident over 10 years ago – I didn’t do yoga at the time like I do today but I was so captivated by her presence enough to listen and do enough of her practice to get the basic idea. Fast forward hundreds of classes, hours, studios later; I SEE HER IN PERSON WOW. This is definitely the first yoga star stuck experience – I loved it. Verklempt as all get out – beautiful people? In person? Who’ve changed the world and your life? Yes, all the above for her.

The quote came from her father – a riveting story she shared as we were stretching and I think that could sum it up nicely, don’t you?

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