New Year, I’m Still Here (And Queer!) So Lettuce Talk Trees Please

Glen Park SF

Today? Is a Sunday. Addressing a few things that consistently cross my path by intention: Tara Brach and listening to my calling.

Tara Brach’s dharma talks are brilliant. They were passed along to me over a year ago and I listen to her podcasts regularly. Her perspective is on. point.

Today I listened to Freedom from Othering – very much current with a lot of the discussion around hierarchy but she also briefly touched on living your truth, following your light; similarly to a question posed by one of my favorite yoga teachers, What’s your deepest desire?  I’ve often said I need both. I need City; I need country. I need people; I need space – I can’t have one without the other.

This brings me to the photo. I went to Glen Canyon Park this morning – a park I often do – one of the many places here I adore. As I sat on the bench, climbed the steps so wonderfully built likely by people such as Friends of Glen Canyon Park I thought back to a conversation I’d had the day prior. The conversation was around a woman who was struggling and my good friend had a great point; One’s reality is often made from a series of decisions, which I feel is true more often than not. It had me appreciating the many people it continuously takes to keep places like Glen Canyon as pristine as it is. Nature conservation is that at its core – many people uniting to make some very great choices for things like eucalyptus trees and trails to snake through some of the most expensive real estate west of the Mississippi. So thank you.

And this? Me and my Tara-Brach-yoga-teacher supported voice is making noise to keep the green love alive! It’s just in my nature.

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