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Planes Planes and a Chair

This is an essay simply about roaming the city alone, falling in love with a chair, and trying not to have an anxiety attack.

Not long ago, the Blue Angles were in town. Those of us around can surely easily recall their presence, or rather, the sickening feeling you’d get every time they’d practice their air show routine. It was awful! I know I’m not the only one who repeatedly thought a fighter jet was careening towards their apartment building, when really, all they were doing was “enhancing the Navy and Marine Corps recruiting efforts,” (says their mission statement). Oh, well, in that case…  I’ll go buy a new lawn chair and celebrate!

Simply Perfect

Sarcasm aside, that’s actually exactly what I did. I was alone all weekend (the girlfriend was out of town) and I felt as though, I might as well try to embrace the vile sky noise instead of cringe. So I headed to Lombardi Sports and bought a new best friend. Ain’t she grand? It’s pretty remarkable how much joy two pieces of cushion snapped together can bring.

I headed to the water and had two requirements:

A little of this

A lotta this

Once I got that taken care of, the rest was history. I just sat there and tried to condition myself not to freak out when I saw jets go upside down and under the Golden Gate Bridge. The sound delay was bizarre too.

Often you’d see them fly so close, yet the deafening sound wasn’t there. However one explains it, I’m both glad I saw it and glad they’re gone.

There they go

It’s not every day you see this and have it be somewhat accepted as normal.

Free for City Citizens: Botanical Gardens

City Nature Found

You can’t find this just anywhere in the city, and you certainly can’t find it free. So when my partner and I stumbled upon the news that the Golden Gate Botanical Gardens allows free entry to residents, we pulled out anything that could mildly prove our status (library card key chain, school i.d.). The friendly admission clerk allowed us to enter, although typically you need a photo-i.d. that contains your local address – something we newbies don’t quite have yet.

So far the weeks go more or less like this: Monday – Thursday work really hard, and stay in the neighborhood; Friday – Sunday, go out and stay under the sun amongst nature as long as possible.

Coming from the Pacific Northwest, this routine took little effort. Having a car helped too. But here? Things are different. Nature requires planning, transporting and (often) spending. It also often involves spending just as much time around masses of people of which you’re trying to avoid, since chances are high if you’re into it, a LOT of others are too. Basically, city-folk running to the grass is a no brainer. Even if someone has something going on in town and they’re thinking of inviting you – they’ll ask if you’re around prior to giving you the details. (example: “So I was thinking of having people over on Saturday; wait, are you guys even around this weekend?”) I was curious if my inkling of urbanites exiting city limits on the weekends was really accurate and one of my partner’s graduate classes proved me correct. Her professor asked the class how many of them “sought nature in some way” over a standard weekend. Nine of ten hands were raised.

What’s so great about these Botanical Gardens? It’s 55 acres of well-cared-for bliss. Admission for outta towners is $7, which means the likelihood of someone asking you where to find the cable car, is slim. Dogs aren’t allowed either and as I dog-owner, I can feel okay about saying this is a plus. Lounging on the lawn without the worry of doggie business hidden in the grass is just nice.

Yet another reason why I’m excited to call SF home.

Nothing Says Summer’s Over Like

… a deluxe camp-fire Teddy-Graham-stuffed S’more!

Sugar is my model

Hello? Hello! I’m Here! Are you?

Here it goes. I’m embarking on yet another web adventure based on food, drink and urban living. To start us off, allow me to post one of my favorite things – the evening view out of my apartment.

The Porch Lights